Days 1, 2 & 3 (30 Days of Gratitude)

Okay… so, since I didn’t have my sh*t together enough to start this on the first of the month (ya know, like someone who is organized, put together and actually knows how to run a blog), I have decided in order to catch up, my first post will actually be 3 days worth of gratefulness. I promise to make it short and sweet, and not so long that you wish you hadn’t started reading this in the first place.


Day 1: My Mum

I feel like this is a bit of a cop out since it’s not really unusual to say you appreciate your parents but since I have to cram 3 days worth of these suckers into one post, I am starting out easy.

I know it is totally cliche to say you appreciate your mother so much more once you become a mother yourself but the thing is, it’s totally true. It is not that I did not appreciate all she did for me before I had a kid, it’s just that I, like almost everyone who becomes parent, and specifically a mom, had NO IDEA all the selflessness and sacrifice and work (24/7) that goes along with it.

Once you have been through the long, hard 9 months, then all the sleepless nights, and let’s not forget the constant worry and need to be there, you begin to appreciate how hard this whole motherhood thing is, and you think back to how awesome your mom was and become instantly grateful for her (and the fact she raised you to be somewhat normal).

Not only am I grateful for all my Mum did for me when I was young, I am also beyond grateful for everything she has done for me since my son was born. Her help the last three and a half years has been paramount in raising a happy, healthy little man.

There is a reason my toddler loves going to Nana’s house and it is not just because she has a dog (and she let’s him get away with murder). It is because she has helped raise him, being there for us whenever we need her from the day he was born.

I could go on and on about how amazing my Mum is but I promised to keep this short so I will just say that she is awesome and I am so lucky to have her.


Day 2: Canada

Although I can often be found down south browsing the aisles in Target (hello, lover) and Fred Meyer, I do love me some Canada.
The current US election reiterates how lucky we are to live where we do. I cannot even fathom a world in which Donald Trump is in charge (*shudder*).


Canada is awesome for so many reasons: a melting pot of cultures and religion, friendly, welcoming citizens, safe refuge for immigrants fleeing bomb-laden countries, free health care, Tim Hortons, poutine,and maple syrup just to name a few.

More importantly though, I am so grateful that we, as Canadians, have the option of taking a full year of maternity leave. As hard as I found it to leave my son when he was 12 months, it would have been insanely difficult (actually impossible) for me to have left him at 8 weeks to go back to work. That is such a short period of time from birth to have to even think about going back to work let alone doing it. Sadly, that is a reality for many, especially women in the USA.


Day 3: Long Weekends

Who doesn’t love a long weekend, am I right?


Not much to say here aside from I love having an extra day off off work to spend with my husband and kiddo. What I enjoy the most are long weekends that are spent doing nothing. Long weekends that actually feel like long weekends. Rather than long weekends that are spent cramming as much as you can into them and then going back to work feeling as though you barely had a weekend at all.

This long weekend is being spent wearing pajamas longer than socially acceptable, reading, clearing out the garage and generally just hanging out. So far so good and I still have 2 days left to go!



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