Day 5 (30 Days of Gratitude)


Day 5: Writing

Okay, so I am not going to lie, it is only Day 5 and I am already struggling with this. Not because I cannot think of things I am grateful for each day but because I am finding it challenging to properly articulate what I want to say, so I am fighting some writer’s block.  However, then it occurred to me: I am grateful for writing.  It is not important how eloquently I articulate what it is that I am grateful for, it is important that I actually do it.


Not to mention, any book you read on writing tells you that the most important thing to do when trying to improve is to write something (anything) each day.  So, despite my internal struggle to concisely state my thoughts and feelings of gratitude, I am, indeed, grateful for the daily obligation to write something.

Aside from helping me improve my skill, writing has also become almost a form of meditation for me.  Being able to spill my guts onto paper (screen) is almost therapeutic, in a way.  The ability to empty the anxious thoughts and feelings that are ping-ponging around in my mind is really quite freeing.


If my writing about things that are not always convenient or often talked about resonates with or assists in comforting others along the way, even better.  From a completely selfish standpoint though, I honestly only write for myself.  Love me or hate me; I am just being me. ❤



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