Day 8 (30 Days of Gratitude)

A week of this done, what!?! How has it already been a week!

Day 8: Sam & Daisy (aka the ‘assholes’)

Okay, so to be perfectly honest, I was going to skip today…for a number of reasons but mainly because I am suffering from a terrible migraine this evening and feel like crap but then I decided to suck up and write well…anything.  As I laid on the couch with my eyes closed trying to muster up enough brain power to think of something, I felt a soft, furry tail brush up against my leg. And so that leads us to today’s (albeit half-assed) grateful topic: animals, in particular my cats.

We have two kitty cats, Sam & Daisy. Although they are kind of assholes the majority of the time, I do adore them, as does my son.  My husband claims to not be a fan but when nobody is looking, he is petting, feeding & snuggling them too and he dotes on them as well.  Daisy is especially fond of him. In fact, I think he is probably the ONLY person Daisy actually likes.


We adopted both (separately) from local animal shelters. Daisy came to us first, as a birthday present to me from my husband on my 25th birthday.  Sam came along 3 years later, when I impulsively decided one summer that we just HAD to have another cat to keep Daisy company. They got along well from the very start (thankfully). Daisy is the boss and Sam is the little brother who, although he annoys her, follows her lead without (much) complaint.

They are actually really great together. In fact, they didn’t really start behaving horribly until our son came along 3 years ago.  Sam adores him but Daisy only tolerates him (and barely). Although, don’t feel too bad for my son as when he first started tottering around, he used to swagger up to Daisy and belly flop on top of her. He still occasionally does, actually!

Since I am cutting this one short tonight, I will get to the point now. I’m grateful for our cats as they have become loving, valued members of our little family and it is hard to imagine life without them around.  I am also grateful we have them because I think it’s important for our son to grow up around them. Like most kids, he has been a animal lover since birth and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Plus, the cats are a nice addition to the family, when they aren’t peeing in his stroller, stealing food off the counter, or howling outside our bedroom door at some ungodly hour, that is.



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