Day 9 (30 Days of Gratitude)


Day 9: Bubble Baths

Nothing deep or contemplative today.  After a day chocked full of errands and running around, a panic attack and car problems derailing a weekend road trip we had planned (and that I was really looking forward to), there is nothing I am more grateful for tonight than a bubble bath.


I love bubble baths. Gingerly laying back into the scalding hot water, soaking until the water turns cold and my fingers and toes are soft and wrinkled.  When I was pregnant and suffering from crazy-high blood pressure, I had to avoid long, extra hot bubble baths.  As soon as I had given birth, the first thing I wanted to do was have a bubble bath but I had to have a C-section so I wasn’t allowed to for two weeks! It was like a never-ending bad joke.

When we finally got home and put the toddler down for the night, the first thing I did was fill up the tub, grab my book and enjoy a much deserved soak. ❤




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