Days 10 & 11 (30 Days of Gratitude)


Okay, Okay….so I missed yesterday. This is harder than it sounds, people!

Anyways, I’m doubling up today with Day 10&11….


Day 10: Family

As big of a pain in the a$$ family can be at times, having a good one, is truly a blessing. All families have their issues from time to time, and mine is no exception, but what I think I appreciate the most about mine is that there is never any question that they are there for you when you need them.

Regardless of whether my sisters and I are in the middle of tiff, or I’m annoyed at my Dad for a flippant, smart-ass comment he made, if any one of us found ourselves in any sort of predicament whatsoever, the other person would drop everything to rush to the other’s aid.


Unlike with really good friends, especially those that you haven’t seen in a while, there is a level of comfort you have with family that you don’t find with anyone else.  The inclination to instinctively walk up to the front door and walk in without knocking, or stroll over to the fridge and peak inside and pour yourself a drink without asking, generally only presents itself around family.


Despite my occasional gripe over the annoyance of family, I am super grateful for the one I have and immensely grateful for all that they have done, or are willing to do, for me. ❤


Day 11: Lazy Sunday Mornings

It is very rare that you will hear me say I am grateful for being woken before 8 am on a Sunday but after becoming a parent, this has become my new reality. Rather than fight it, I have chosen to embrace it.


While I would be even more grateful for the opportunity to stay cozy in bed, I have become grateful for the lazy, early Sunday mornings that have become my normal.

Sundays generally aren’t that jam packed full of things to do, so there isn’t usually the urgency of getting up, fed & dressed in a hurry to rush out the door.

Instead, Sunday mornings can be spent lounging in pajamas much longer than socially acceptable, breakfast can last until noon and multiple episodes of paw-patrol can play in the background, while I curl up on the couch with my cup of tea and watch my toddler alternate between building a “skyscraper” block tower and watching his favourite tv show.

Sometimes, I head downstairs with our son and my husband stays in bed longer than normal. Sometimes, he takes our toddler downstairs and entertains him while I get an extra long lay in bed.  Or sometimes, we all head down together, waking up slowly as the sun seeps slowly through the living room curtains.

Sometimes we get dressed and walk into town to grab a coffee (or cookie, in Hunter’s case), and hit up the park on the way back. Or sometimes we just remain in the living room, playing trains or reading books ,until one of us feels inclined to make a plan for the day, at which time we all shuffle back upstairs to shower & get dressed.


Sunday’s are great for doing nothing. Its what they were made for.

In fact, as I type this, I am sitting on the couch in pj’s, enjoying a latte my husband picked up for me from Starbucks and watching my son alternate between lining up all his hotwheel cars for “the big race” and watching an all-time favourite episode of  “Peppa Pig” on Netflix.

Being able to slow down and enjoy the little moments on lazy Sunday mornings always leaves feel grateful and fulfilled. ❤

How do you love to spend your lazy Sunday mornings?



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