Day 13 (30 Days of Gratitude)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I fell behind so I am doubling up today. Another light-hearted, topic of gratitude today.

Day 13: Coffee


I feel like I really don’t need to write much more than what these memes dipict as anyone who drinks coffee will understand.  Also parents. Find me a parent of a young child that does not drink coffee and I will fall over in disbelief.  They should send you home from the maternity ward at the hospital with a coffee maker.


Coffee is magical. Coffee doesn’t ask questions. Coffee just understands.


I don’t even really like the taste of coffee. I mean, I do…but not unless there is ample soy/almond milk in it and at least two spoonfuls of something to take away the bitter taste. But it just keeps dragging you back in.


Now excuse me while I grab a latte…



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