Day 12 (30 Days of Gratitude)

Okay, so I suck at staying on top of this. Once again, today I am doing two posts on the same day to catch up because…well, adulting is hard! After all my errands, cleaning, cooking and toddler wrangling (can you say “threenager“?) I was done. DONE. So, there. Also, DISCLAIMER: the following gratitude topics are waaaaay superficial. And short. Very short. I can’t be all deep and contemplative and stuff all the time, so you have  been warned….

Day 12: Dry Shampoo


Who ever invented dry shampoo just really gets me. It has saved my ass on more than one occasion and will continue to do so, I am sure, until my hair falls out or I stop giving a shh*t entirely.

Today in particular, it was extremely hard to get out bed and get going for the day.  I opted to forgo a shower in lieu of getting an extra 15 minutes in bed. So, out came my trust friend: dry shampoo.


If you have never used it before, I feel sorry for you. It is seriously life changing. I have been using it for years (before it became super popular). You need this in your life. There are about a million different brands out there now and I have casually dated a few with less than stellar results, so I always come back to my tried and true favourite.


**Note: All opinions are my own, and I am not compensated or affiliated in any way with any of the products mentioned.  Although, come to think of it, I really should be ‘cuz I love me some Batiste! So, if you are reading this Batiste marketing/sales gods, feel free to send a caseload my way because I’m obsessed 🙂 **



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