Day 14 (30 Days of Gratitude)


Day 14: Opportunity

I didn’t spend as much time writing this summer as I had planned to (and would have liked to) but I still managed to churn out some pieces I am somewhat pleased with. It was hard to make myself sit down and write when the sun was shining and the beach was calling. Now that Fall is quickly settling in, I suspect I will have chance to make up the time I missed, and if not, oh well.


Most recently though, I was lucky to score my first paid writing gig. Insane, right? A fairly new online publication called Tribe Magazine published an essay I submitted, which is kind of crazy to think about. I had so much fun contributing and hope to write another piece for them in future.  If you haven’t checked out their website, you should – some great stuff on there, including some great looking recipes!

Now that summer has come to a close and we are back into our normal routine, I have spent the last week working on finishing up some bits and pieces of writing that I had started and forgot to get back to, as well as crank out some brand new stuff.  Just this morning, I submitted a freshly written piece to another publication, and on September 21st, I have another piece being featured on The Good Mother Project.

In fact, GMP is what started it all.  I respond to a call for submissions last March, it ws chosen and published on their site and the rest is history. I just kept writing from then on.

So today as I struggled with which topic to choose for this, I decided to think back to what started it all: opportunity (aka taking a giant, scary risk). I am grateful for the opportunity to take the giant, scary risk.  More importantly, the opportunity to write anything and the opportunity to potentially share it with others.


So when the “thanks, but no thanks” emails roll in (and they will, this I have already experienced and know too well) and I start to feel a little deflated (which I will because…drama queen), I will remind myself that by submitting the pieces I’ve written, I haven’t lost anything. And if I struggle with the decision of whether to submit again, I will think, “why not!?”.


I mean, I didn’t write them for any specific reason other than for the sake of writing them. Having them picked up by and shared with anyone else, while exciting and wonderful, is simply icing on the cake. ❤



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