Day 15 (30 Days of Gratitude)


Day 15: Books

Anyone that knows me knows that I love books. I’ve always enjoyed reading. Growing up, I always had a book on the go. Both my parents enjoy and have always encouraged reading.

I can remember clearly, when I was little, insisting that my dad take me with him to the library, when he made his weekly trips to return books from the previous week & restock. I would never come back from the library with him empty-handed, regardless of whether I had a handful of books that I was already currently reading.


It appears that my son has inherited my love of books as well. From the time he could grasp something in his chubby, little hands, his love of books was evident. We used to line up toys or objects for him to choose from when he was really tiny. We would make a row of items for him to crawl to: a toy, a ball, stuffed animal or a book. 9 times out of 10, he would immediately go for the book.

Now, at age 3.5, presented with the choice, I’m sure he would choose a hot wheel car over a book, but his love of books has still remained.

Every night, after getting into his pajamas, we tell him to go and pick a few books to read before bed. He scrambles over to his overfilled bookcase and selects 6 books for us to read. Not one, not two, but SIX. This is the number we have come to an agreement on, as if he had it his way, we would read book after book until the sun came up.

He spends a good 10 minutes agonizing over which books are going to make the cut for the night. Even after 6 books have been read, some nights he pleads, “Just one more, please!”, and depending on our own level of tiredness, we usually oblige.


I am grateful for my love of books as it remains an enjoyable, relaxing pastime for me to this day. I am even more grateful that I have passed that love onto my son and hope it stays with him as he grows. โค

I have about three books on the go right now. I just finished Love Warrior this morning. Next up is The Birth House. I’ve started Daring Greatly last month and have been meaning to get back to it. I have about 5 chapters left of Hausfrau and a stack of others that are waiting for me on my nightstand.

Tell me: What book(s) are you currently reading (and loving)?


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