Days 16 & 17 (30 Days of Gratitude)

Okay, yes, I know. I am a day behind…again. Since we are now officially more than half way through the month, you should really have no false expectations of me, and if you do, well…..


Day 16: Rain

The first heavy rainfall after a nice, hot summer is often met with complaint and longing for just one  more ‘nice day’ but I feel a bit differently. While, don’t get me wrong, summer is one of my favourite times of the year, and I soon grow tired of all the rain we endure living on the rainy west coast, there is just something about the first rainfall, transitioning us into a new season and state of mind, that soothes my soul.
So call me crazy but now, and always, I will be grateful for the rain

Day 17: Being A Mom

I’ve shared some thoughts on being a mom before. I’ve never really hidden the fact that I have always wanted children, and I can honestly say that I have never been so proud to hold a title as I am of the one of ‘Mum’.
The funny part is, I’m am pretty sure in the short 3.5 years I have had this gig, my son has taught me more than I have taught him.
He has made me a better listener, more compassionate, kinder, stronger and braver than I ever knew I could be. He has taught me patience, empathy and gratitude. More importantly, he has shown me what it means to be truly happy and what unconditional love is.
He has, without a doubt, completed me. ❤

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