New Year, New You? Plus my feature on Mom + Carrot


Happy New Year, lovelies!

Christmas craziness is behind us and the holiday magic is long gone. Here comes the January Blues, right? Well…yeah, usually, especially if you are anything like me (or a large majority of North Americans) and have to face cold, wet, dark winter nights after Christmas is behind us, that is. However, this year, I am making a conscious effort to fight off the January Blues before they even start. january_blues_1I’m wearing my positivity pants and looking at the glass half-full, my 2017 planner tucked under my arm, and I’m ready to tackle 2017 head-on.

Depsite 2016 being a pretty pitiful year for the majority (and especially the USA political system), my 2016 wasn’t half bad. In fact, it kind of rocked. So here’s to making 2017 even better. Watch out world, I’m planning to kick ass and take names. Or at least, make it until February 1st before my resolutions expire!


But anywho, I had an nice to end 2016 – I was featured in Mom + Carrot’s recent post  about New Year’s Resolutions. It is always such an honour to be featured and have my words reach more people. Check it out linked above or click here to have a read.

SO…Tell me….what are YOU hoping to acheive this year?



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